Kissing Kelli (A Texas Legacy Romantic Comedy #1)—Book Review

Since I have a kindle, and no money, I spend a lot of time downloading the free books that show up from time to time. Kissing Kelli by Kathy Carmichael is one of those. Unfortunately this wasn’t one of the better written ones. The basic plot of the story is that this cowboy, Bobby Gray, decides to skip out of town for a few days to escape from his angry brother and ends up at a party for an ex fling. Once there he meets her sister Kelli and for the rest of the book relentlessly pursues her.

I usually enjoy romantic fluff such as this but with this story I had to try too hard. At one moment Bobby Gray is brainless and his thought process makes no sense; the very next minute he does something intelligent. Meanwhile, the heroine of the story, Kelli, is doing everything she can to thwart Bobby Gray and his amorous advances. What didn’t make sense for me is that she falls in love with him when the majority of the time she’s hanging up on him or kicking him out of her office.

The “conflict” of the story is that Kelli’s mother is a princess (how on earth this happens I do not know) and for the majority of her life men have used Kelli to get to her famous parents. Bobby Gray somehow finds out about her lineage and decides he’s going to take her to dinner with his banker who loves royalty figuring he’ll score points with his brother. The dinner happens and the banker turns out to be an ex stalker boyfriend of Kelli’s. She freaks out and the rest of the book is Bobby Gray attempting to win her back.

In all honesty I was disappointed with this book. It had the makings for a great story but the immaturity of the characters and their lack of development get in the way of that. I’m just glad that its for free and I didn’t spend money on it.

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