Lonestar Angel by Colleen Coble

The truth is I finished this I finished this book several months ago but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I was going to. Lonestar Angel tells the story of Eden and Clay Larson. 5 years earlier they had a romantic interlude in Hawaii that resulted in a pregnancy. They decided to get married and for awhile all was well. They loved each other and they had the perfect baby. Then their lives are shattered when their baby is kidnapped and being held for ransom. Unfortunately  before they can retrieve their precious child the unthinkable occurs. The kidnapper and their baby accidently fall into the waters of a river and the two of them drown. 

Unable to cope with the loss of baby Brianna, Clay and Eden divorce each other and move on with their lives. Eden moves away, becomes a christian and begins dating another man. Just as she thinks that her life is finally going the way it’s supposed to Clay shows up with news that changes her life forever. One, They are still married; two, their darling baby is still alive. Never having give up hope Clay has spent the last 5 years searching for his child. He has discovered that their little daughter is at a youth ranch. 

As the story unfolds we see Clay and Eden fall in love once more and we take joy in their discovering their daughter Brianna. The thing that I didn’t like about this story was they way it was written. The chapters and story line were choppy and it didn’t seem to develop smoothly. What could have been a great story was more of a “Why hasn’t the book finished yet? I have better things to do.” I recommend it only if you’re reallly really bored. 

Kissing Kelli (A Texas Legacy Romantic Comedy #1)—Book Review

Since I have a kindle, and no money, I spend a lot of time downloading the free books that show up from time to time. Kissing Kelli by Kathy Carmichael is one of those. Unfortunately this wasn’t one of the better written ones. The basic plot of the story is that this cowboy, Bobby Gray, decides to skip out of town for a few days to escape from his angry brother and ends up at a party for an ex fling. Once there he meets her sister Kelli and for the rest of the book relentlessly pursues her.

I usually enjoy romantic fluff such as this but with this story I had to try too hard. At one moment Bobby Gray is brainless and his thought process makes no sense; the very next minute he does something intelligent. Meanwhile, the heroine of the story, Kelli, is doing everything she can to thwart Bobby Gray and his amorous advances. What didn’t make sense for me is that she falls in love with him when the majority of the time she’s hanging up on him or kicking him out of her office.

The “conflict” of the story is that Kelli’s mother is a princess (how on earth this happens I do not know) and for the majority of her life men have used Kelli to get to her famous parents. Bobby Gray somehow finds out about her lineage and decides he’s going to take her to dinner with his banker who loves royalty figuring he’ll score points with his brother. The dinner happens and the banker turns out to be an ex stalker boyfriend of Kelli’s. She freaks out and the rest of the book is Bobby Gray attempting to win her back.

In all honesty I was disappointed with this book. It had the makings for a great story but the immaturity of the characters and their lack of development get in the way of that. I’m just glad that its for free and I didn’t spend money on it.

The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook—Book Review

I love zombies. There is something about those slow moving, groan making, fear inducing creatures that I absolutely adore so when I saw this book I immediately picked it up. It’s not often that you find the words christian and zombie in the same book, let alone in the title. The author of the book, Jeff Kinley, wrote this to outline what sin is really like. Each of us have an inner zombie that is fighting for control. This zombie wishes to come out and infect all others with its disease. I found the parallels that the author made of sin and zombies to be interesting and truthfull. Another interesting aspect of this book was that after each section there was an actual zombie story going on.

While this book seems like the perfect marriage between Zombies and Christianity I’m afraid I’m going to have to burst your bubble. At the end, once the author has you sucked in he hits you over the head with his personal theology. According to him all Christians believe in the rapture (not true). If you don’t believe in God then he’s going to rain the hellfire down on you and destroy you. Once he takes all the christians away he’s going to send Jesus down on a white horse where he’ll proceed to slaughter all thats left of humanity with a sword. (completely not true) I was highly disappointed with how this book ended. Not only was the theology presented within completely innacurate it paints a highly disturbing view of christianity. Not only that but the zombie story within was rushed in the last chapter and you have no idea what happens to the main character.

My reccomendation? Read your bible instead of this if you really want to know the truth about sin, Jesus, the second coming, etc. And if you want to read a REAL zombie story go on and read World War Z or something equally as good.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Review/Rant

This is going to be full of spoilers so read at your own risk :)

I am a HUGE Grey’s Anatomy fan. I started watching the show back when I was freshman in college and ever since that first episode I have faithfully kept up. I’m really happy that show has lasted this long but there are some things about season 8 that are having me cringe.



She’s really starting to annoy me. I know her character is supposed to be loyal or whatever but she takes that loyalty too far and for the wrong people. Adele may be the chief’s wife but that was not a good enough reason to screw with the clinical trial. In the end Adele and all the people before her recieving the medicine were screwed over. Thanks Mer.

Another thing that bothers me is how she doesn’t care about the consequences of her actions. It’s been 8 seasons, and she’s been like this since season 1. While she has grown in other ways it’s extremely annoying to see her making all these decions that affect other characters and not give a damn about what’ll do to them. All in all I hope there’s going to be an event in this season that will bring Meredith off her high horse and onto her knees.

What I do like is how she’s trying to make herself better to be a good mother to Zola. That’s actually pretty nice to watch and I really wish Zola were still around because mommy!Meredith is fun to watch.



I love Derek, I really do. But so far this season he hasn’t done much to endear himself to me. While I do like the fact that he’s pissed off at Meredith and isn’t catering to her every whim like all the other characters (cept for Bailey cuz Bailey’s awesome) I am getting annoyed by the fact that he isn’t actually doing anything to try and save his marriage. All he’s doing is throwing an angst fest and building a lopsided deck. Ironically, only Meredith is trying and while her efforts are commedable it takes two and Derek isn’t doing his part. It’s getting pretty boring seeing the two of them interact and I hope that something changes and fast.

I’m also getting tired of him blaming everything on Meredith. Someone farts the wrong way? It’s Meredith. He stub his toe? It’s Meredith’s fault. The earth explodes? Blame Meredith!


Cristina oh how I love you! She’s funny, kickass, pretty, and her character hasn’t bored the hell out of me this season like Meredith and Derek. I’m really happy she’s back in the hospital and isn’t being all emo and traumatized like the last season. I think that the only thing I haven’t liked so far is the abortion. Really, it’s because when she got pregnant with Burke she was planning to keep the baby (at least it seemed like she would) but then with this one she was like LOL nope, not gonna do it. While I didn’t like that particular little arc, I enjoyed how she and Owen went through it. It seemed realistic and added a new dimension to their relationship.


I think April is awesome. She’s such a fun character and it makes me sad that they haven’t given her a love interest yet! I love the fact that she’s chief resident and I like it when she tries to boss the other residents around. She’s just too cute. That being said I wish they would give her more screen time.

Other characters who are awesome but need more screen time




nurse eli


The Realms Thereunder—Ross Lawhead

I started reading this book out of bordom. The plot centers around two children, Daniel and Freya, who somehow make their way through a portal that leads them to the enchanted underground city of Nidergeard. While there the two children discover that only they can defeat the evil that is attacking the city because of their mortality. One of the interesting things about this book is that it’s divided into “Before” sections, when Daniel and Freya were children in Nidergeard, and “Now” sections; Daniel and Freya as adults discovering that the work they accomplished in Nidergeard is infact not over and they are needed once more to save humanity. While the concept is great I didn’t enjoy the sections with the adult Freya. For some unknown reason she is trapped by her professor and he makes her believe that she is with him and they have children. In order to continue this deception he makes her fall asleep with lists of names that go on for pages. I found that to be highly unnecessary and a waste of space. Meanwhile Daniel, who is trapped in Elfland, spends the majority of the book trying to get home.

Something else that bothered me is that towards the end, in one section that they are children, Daniel and Freya are forced to part ways and each one must go off with one of the knights they had awoken at the beginning of the book. It clearly says that Ecgbryt would go with Freya and Daniel would go with Swidgar…yet three pages later it’s Daniel with Ecgbryt. This is too big of a mistake for an editor to miss and I’m pretty disappointed that they didn’t catch or fix that.

I suppose for a first book in a serious it’s necessary to set up a background and drama but things felt too stilted for me and I wish that things had been a little bit more fast paced.

Life Everlasting-Robert Whitlow

After reading Life Support I was excited to get my hands on the sequel Life Everlasting. In this book Baxter comes out of his coma and begins to steadily improve much to the annoyance and fear of his wife Rena. I was slightly disappointed in this book because I was hoping that Rena would be brought to justice and Alex, her lawyer would figure things out. Instead Alex spent the majority of the book being tugged back and forth between Rena’s whims. To be honest, compared with the last book this one was fairly boring. Most of the time we are being subjected to Rena and her crazy ravings and watching as Alex and Ted’s relationships slowly plods along. 

Along the way Baxter’s brother sends people to keep a close eye on both Alex and Rena. These hired goons become violent at some points but no one ever really discovers who they are. Baxter meanwhile is improving everyday mostly because of the efforts of Ted. As seen in the first book Ted is a gifted pianist and he decides to take a keyboard to the ailing man’s bedside. Because of this special service Baxter’s health takes a turn for the better. 

Unfortunately one of the nurses aides comes by for her shift and DOESN’T wash her hands before entering. Because of this Baxter is sent back to the hospital and begins to die. Whether or not he lives or if Rena is ever brought to justice is up for you to find out by picking up this book. 

Life Support by Robert Whitlow—Book Review

Life Support was a mind blowing novel. The book starts off with a young couple eating a small picnic in a forest preserve that the wife, Rena, had visited as child. As the story unfolds we find that Rena is losing the last grips of her sanity has decided to murder her husband. The motive is unclear. Is she doing it for the money? Or is she really fearful for her life? We do find that Baxter, her husband, loves his wife and is puzzled by the strangeness of her actions. Bullying him into a fight Rena succeeds in knocking Baxter off a cliff and leaves him for dead. 

Unfortunately for her, Baxter is NOT dead and then begins the drama of the books. Once Baxter is taken to the hospital Rena immediately begins pushing for him to be taken off of life support. Baxter’s father refuses to agree to this and the two Richardsons drag the fight into court. Enter Alexia Lindale. An accomplished Divorce Lawyer, Alex takes on the Richardson case determined to do what’s right. Deceived by Rena’s act Alex helps the murderous lady push for Baxter to be taken off of life support. Along the way Alex has an encounter with the Lord and the case takes an interesting turn. 

In my opinion the book was excellent. The entire time you’re reading it you’re drawn into the characters lives and minds and you’re anxious to find out if Rena will get away with her heinous actions or if Alex will discover the truth of what’s going on. If you’re into medical/legal dramas and you enjoy christian fiction then I highly recommend this book. 

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